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Welcome to my Portfolio Website

  • I've recently completed a Foundation Degree in New Media Design & Technology at Burnley College via The University of Central Lancashire, and I'm in the process trying to build a portfolio website.

  • New Media is a term used to describe digital media that is created using computers. The media can include images, sound, text, video and animation and can be delivered via the internet, television, mobile phones, PDA's or interactive kiosks. New Media tools and techniques are also used to design a vast range of printed materials including magazines and newspapers.

  • Feel free to browse my site and get in touch if you feel I could be of any assistance in creating you an online presence, and you could help me in populating my portfolio.

  • All my work is on a non profit basis while I build up the site, learn new skills and gain experience. All I ask is that any expenses incurred such as domain registrations are reimbursed.

  • I enjoy design and creating solutions.

  • I have variety of skills from photographic manipulation, graphic design for the web and new media, branding and logo design, to graphic design for brochures, catalogues and print work.

  • I can use a variety styles including, xhtml, css and javascript, and can include cgi guest books and php forums.

  • I also have experience in providing domain registration, search engine optimisation, marketing, site submission, and adword campaigns.

  • This site contains a selection of example websites, graphics, photographic manipulation and web based technologies, all of which have been created in my time at the Burnley College / UCLAN.


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