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Other than Graphics and Photographs other technologies are available for websites and multimedia products, below are a few samples.

Macromedia Director

This asignment entailed producing an interactive multimedia product advertising a TV series or movie.

I chose Dora the Explorer and added two of my youngest children into the product.

You may need to install Adobe Shockwave Player.

Since the assignment Adobe have bought the rights to this software.

Dora the Explorer

XHTML is s stricter, cleaner version of HTML, intended to replace HTML and stands for Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language.

Web pages designed in XHTML should look the same across all platforms.

The website is guide to XHTML and was a first year assignment.

This site was fully written in windows notepad.


Now known as Adobe Flash, but it was Macromedia Flash when I did the assignment.

The assignment entailed creating a flash movie to advertise a product, business or a service.

I chose the Barrowford Pre-School Nursery.

All the graphics have been drawn by hand in flash.

You may need to install the Flash Player.

Barrowford Pre-School Nursery
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