Photogaphy plays a big part in New Media Design and one of the many software applications used for photographic manipulation is Adobe Photoshop, this package can help you create stunning web graphics or bring out the very best in digital photographs

All my assignments involve Adobe Photoshop in one shape or form and I've listed a few examples of it's use on this page.

Reflection Technique with Photoshop

A Simple Reflection with Colour Gradient

Mouse over the camera image to see the what Photoshop can create.

Simple Reflection with Colour Gradient
Masking Techniques with Photoshop

Using the quick mask mode to select an area, change it's colour and apply duplication to create an effect.

Masking Techniques with Photoshop
Snapshot Mosaic with Photoshop

Using a basic photograph create an effect of the picture being cut into several sections laid out on a table.

Snapshot Mosaic
360 VR Panorama

A selection of photographs manipulated in Photoshop then stitched together using Realvis Stitcher.

Click on the snow scene to open the page containing the panoramic QuickTime movie.

You may need to wait for the movie to load depending on your connection speed.

QuickTime Player Needed - Download Here


Snow Scene
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