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Computer Graphics Periods in Time

1951 - Whirlwind 1 Computer
This was not the first computer, but the first computer to display text and graphics on a large oscilloscope screen, and was first demonstrated in 1951.  The second picture is a vector display, showing aircraft positioning.

1960 - William Fetter’s Boeing Man
A graphics application simulating the human figure.  Fetter was credit with coining the phrase “Computer Graphics”, and was the first person to draw the human figure using a computer.

1961 - Spacewar
Steve Russel led a team that created the first computer game, it took 200 man hours to create.

1963 - Sketchpad
The first Graphics User Interface (GUI), developed by Ivan Sutherland in 1963.  The software enabled users to create engineering drawings with the use of a light pen.

1968 - CAD/CAM
The University of Utah started to develop CAD/CAM.

1972 - Pong
Pong a video game by Atari, based on table tennis, was commonly thought to be the world’s first video game.

1973 - Cornell in Perspective
Donal Greenberg and his students modelled the Cornell’s Campus to make one of the first colour computer graphics simulations.

1976 - Futureworld
Sequel to Westworld.  The first major film to use 3D computer generated images (a hand and a face).

1978 - Space Invaders
One of the most influential video games ever created.  Though simplistic by today’s standards one of the forerunners of modern video gaming.

1982 - Tron
One of the first films to use computer graphics, a milestone in computer animation.  Despite the appearance, only fifteen to twenty minutes of computer generated animation were used in Tron.

1986 - Flight Simulators
Reproduction on the ground of the behaviour of an aircraft in flight.  In 1986 there were over 500 simulators in use.  The first computer image generated systems for simulation were produced by General Electric Company (USA) for the space program.

1986 - Nintendo Family System
After a quiet spell for several years, the video game returned with 8-bit generation technology and one of the front runners was the Nintendo Family System.  With Donkey Kong being one of the first games used on the system

1987 - Amiga A500
One of the major front runners in the Graphics User Interface (GUI) and a major competitor for IBM Personal Computer.  For its time the Amiga had some of the most impressive sound and graphics technology available.

1992 - Windows 3.1
Windows 3.1 was Microsoft’s first major operating system with a Graphics User Interface (GUI), and was the start of their domination of operating systems.

1993 - Doom
Doom is a 1993 computer game that is among the landmark titles in the first person genre.  Doom was downloaded by an estimated 10 million people in two years.

1994 - Sony Playstation
Since the release of the Nintendo Family System in 1986 a third generation system, video gaming consoles advanced at rapid speeds and in 1994 Sony released the cream of the crop to date, the Sony Playstation a fifth generation system.
1995 - Toy Story
The first feature length completely graphically animated movie.

2000 and beyond
The Utah teapot is a 3D model which has become a standard reference object in the computer graphics community.  It is simple, round, partially concave mathematical model of an ordinary teapot.


The Future
‘Difficult to see… always in motion the future is’ - (Yoda)